The first weeks of spring spur the “clean freak” in some of us. The weather is getting warmer and summer plans are already in the works. For many families, gardening and home improvement projects are taking precedence. With springtime feeling in the air, many want to de-clutter and make room in the garage for bikes, lawn equipment, and sports gear.

Before RightFor me, just one glance in the garage sends me running the opposite direction. The piles of trash and forgotten-items blocking the walkway seem to tower over any hopes of freedom. However, a simple storage plan-of-action can turn this beast of a project into a revitalizing accomplishment!

For starters, every home is different—from the size of your home to the type of items you store in the garage. No matter the variety of belongings, a few simple steps will help you purge and rearrange your garage, creating a functional space to store even more!

#1: Own the Mess & Stop the Stress

The plethora of messes is only as scary as you imagine. Start by prioritizing what needs to go and what you want to keep. I like to do a quick combing of all trash on the ground and throw it in a nearby trash bin. This reduces 1/3 of the mess instantly!

#2: Categorize & Put Away

Next, prioritize which items you want in your garage and what needs to go inside the house. You could even make a donation pile for things you don’t use anymore.

Not every garage has an organization system, but you can invest in some garage shelves or cabinets for optimal garage storage! Any system like this is perfect for categorizing your belongings and knowing exactly where they are when you need them.

PR4#3: Deep Clean

There’s no better feeling than knowing all unwanted critters and dust are GONE! Eliminate your stress and make more time later for fun activities by doing a complete sweep of your garage floor. A damp rag will erase any dirt marks left over from stationary equipment left during the winter season. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can choose a sleek Epoxy floor coating that seals cracks and makes your floor stain, oil, and water resistant.

In no time, you can have a completely transformed garage that you’ll love! Recruit help from neighbors, family or an organizing professional to make it a fun springtime project for everyone to enjoy. Remember, take it step-by-step and break up the tasks. Tackling the largest storage room in the home will be worth it as you enjoy your summer outside and have easy access to all needed tools!

Clear your mind as you make more room with a quick, but life-changing garage organization day!

This was a guest blog shared by Mindy at Monkey Bar Storage:

Mindy is a writing and web marketing enthusiast. When she isn’t at Monkey Bar Storage or school, she is enjoying the beautiful outdoors!