Neat Freak™ has pretty much seen and done it all. Attics to basements to garages and everything in between. We can help create a chaos-free kitchen, a family room ready for fun, or a bathroom that truly allows you to relax and renew. A picture perfect home with not a knick-knack out of place is not the goal! But, your home should be a place where you can relax, spend quality time with your family, entertain with ease, and feel that your space reflects the true you.


Information overload is the number one issue our clients struggle with. On a daily basis we’re bombarded with mail, memos, texts, email, children’s schoolwork, schedules, coupons and more…and it just keeps on coming. Let Neat Freak™ help you create efficient, effective paper and data management systems that allow you to file and keep what you need, process your to-do’s, and rid yourself of the mess and excess. Increase your productivity and professionalism with Neat Freak™’s creative office solutions.


We know how hectic life can get when you’re running your own business! Let the Neat Freak™ team help you organize your space, your systems and your time so you can be efficient and effective in your workspace and maximize profits and productivity.


Naturally, managing your time goes hand in hand with maintaining your organizational systems. We offer time management coaching for families, individuals and students, helping you create systems that work and that can be easily maintained for your family, personal or professional life.


We all live increasingly more technical lives and our dependency on our gadgets continues to grow. Neat Freak™ recognizes that we have digital clutter as well as physical clutter and we’re here to help. We offer organizational services to help you deal with digital files, the cloud, photos, and hardware.

move prep iconTRANSITIONS

Change can be both overwhelming and exhausting. Whether it’s a move across town or across the country, an upsize or downsize, or a home renovation project large or small, the Neat Freak™ team can help bring order to the chaos. We assist clients as you make big decisions, pack up your life, set up new systems and spaces, and create a home with organization that lasts.

Contact us to discuss your specific organizational projects and find out how we can help you get and stay organized.