Photo of digital cameraClient Profile:

Busy professor and mother of two young children contacted Neat Freak for help pulling together all of her digital photographs from multiple locations. She had pictures on her work computer, multiple home computers, phones and cameras.

Project Summary:

Neat Freak worked with the client to locate all digital images, provided an initial set up in a digital photo program, and created a workflow for monthly, quarterly and annual photo organizing maintenance. We also worked to help the client with a system for updating digital photo frames and recommended a vendor for creating photo albums.


  • Photos in multiple locations
  • Difficulty editing bad photos and duplicates
  • Concerns about photo backup


  • Designate main computer for holding images, with all photos being moved to that computer on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Set up initial load for digital photo system
  • Adopted workflow for regular maintenance tasks and adding new photos
  • Recommend backup services and instructions for doing so regularly

 Products and Services Used:

Online digital photo organizing service was used and backup service and photo album vendors were recommended.

Why Neat Freak was right for the job:

Many parents feel, when it comes to pictures, that they’re falling short or just not doing it right. Individuals with children 10 and under have almost all of their photos in a digital format. Knowing where those photos are, being able to find and share those photos and knowing that they are safe and backed up is a much bigger concern than it used to be. There are so many solutions and services available that making a choice can be overwhelming. Neat Freak was able to do the research on the latest and greatest tools, make recommendations on solutions that worked for the client, then walked her through the steps to organize the photos. With initial set up, a few tips and workflow guidance, this client was able to see her entire photo collection, delete duplicates, start editing and organizing according to a system that made sense to her, and then confidently back them up.