Photo collage of home renovationsClient Profile:

A busy attorney had a brilliant idea: schedule a major home “refresh” the same week as the family vacation. With two young children living in the house it was preferable to schedule all work while they were away.

Project Summary:

The Neat Freak team was hired to oversee and coordinate all projects, organize all contractors, and finalize all projects prior to the final reveal. A team of contractors including painters, plumbers, electricians, a handy man, and an interior designer were assembled to complete the job. The entire interior was repainted, all hardware was updated including door, lighting and plumbing fixtures. Furniture was rearranged, all artwork moved and rehung, and new window treatments were installed.


  • Working with multiple independent contractors and keeping them on track
  • Managing simultaneous projects with numerous contingencies within a limited time frame
  • Troubleshooting unforeseen emergencies


  • Creating a time line prior to the week of work factoring in all moving parts with client input
  • Tracking all necessary equipment and supplies to make sure they were ready for installation
  • Making reasonable assumptions about clients wishes without disturbing her on vacation
  • Onsite supervision of all contractors throughout the weeklong project
  • Monitoring and assessing progress, and reordering tasks accordingly
  • Unpacking and reassembling each room with organization and family functionality in mind

 Why Neat Freak was right for the job:

As organizers, we bring to the table the ability to take a large, overwhelming task, break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks and link those tasks so they’re done in a way that works. There were many moving parts with this job with multiple dependencies. The Neat Freak team worked to manage numerous contractors, and create and maintain a schedule of work events. When a plumbing emergency occurred late in the day, we were able to contact a trusted vendor. We photographed the problem, sent it to the plumber who was on the job the next morning with all the parts he needed. Being on site to trouble shoot issues, make decisions, and keep the workflow moving was essential to getting this large project done in one week. We also worked to manage diverse personalities during the project—always a fun challenge! Working as a team meant that one of us was always available, constant supervision was provided, and the house was always secure. Finishing up this project 45 minutes prior to the clients arrival at the airport made us feel as though we were on a reality TV makeover show! The thrill of the client’s response after the big reveal made all of the work worthwhile.