Part Three…

As a professional organizer, I rarely hear clients complain that they have too much storage space. However, in my experience, if you have it, you will fill it! Having storage space and making the most of it do not always go hand in hand. Below is part three in a three part series that includes clever tips for maximizing storage so you can store what you need, find what you want, and enjoy stress-free storage that meets the needs of your whole family.



Basements can serve many functions ranging from raw storage to laundry rooms to playrooms, home gyms or home offices. Depending on how finished your space is and what your family truly needs, your basement can offer huge storage potential and functionality. Discuss your basement goals with your family and make a list of all the ways you’d like to use it.


Because of the underground location, basements are always at risk for being damp or suffering water damage. Consider what and how you’re storing items in your basement with water constantly in mind. Use shelving to keeps items off the ground (preferably 1 foot above ground level) and consider a de-humidifier if your basement is always damp. Sensitive items that need to stay completely dry or can’t hold up to humidity should be stored elsewhere.


Shelving is key to providing easy access to basement items. When boxes are stacked on the floor, they risk getting wet and inevitably, you need something in the box on the bottom and that just wastes time! Use shelving that holds up in a damp environment and can withstand the weight of the items you need to store. Metal shelving is ideal if you have even floors and finished walls. For unfinished spaces, AtticMaxx shelves are great tools for storing boxes and bins and keeping them off the ground and easy to reach.


Similar to the garage, group like with like. If you use your basement to store exercise equipment, keep it all together so you’re more likely to use it during your workouts. If you’re storing memorabilia, keep it in clear plastic bins to protect it and allow you to see what you have. If your basement storage area is large, consider creating an inventory of what you’re storing so you know where to look to find a particular item.

Using your home’s storage space well can certainly help minimize clutter in your living space. And while tackling a big job such as the basement may seem overwhelming, the benefits are huge! Less stress, easier access to important items, and the peace of mind that you will use what you have and can find what you need. Annual maintenance is also an important part of getting the job done and keeping it that way. Happy organizing!