Chapel Hillians, come out of the cold today (Sunday), January 23rd and join me at the CH Public Library at 2:00pm. I’ll be talking paper (way more fun than it sounds). I’ll help you demystify paper, take away it’s power and figure out how to live with less. For those who don’t live here or can’t make it, I’ll share a few highlights:

The Basics!

  • Sort & Categorize (like with like, get a grip on what you have).

3 types of paper: Action, Capture, Archive

  • Purge (create an exit strategy)

Ask these questions: Do I really need it? Do I really have time to read it? Will I ever order from this catalog? Could I find this info elsewhere? Is it current? Do I need the whole thing? Could someone else take care of this for me? Will I really take action on this?

Bulk Mail reduction tools:

To shred or not to shred, that is the question.

  • Find a Home (a place for everything, everything in its place)

Think in zones: Action Zone, Reading Zone, Archive Zone, Command Central Zone. What makes sense for you?

  • Containerize

Horizontal is a No-No

Favorite Tools: simple mail sorter, magazine sorters, wall mounted paper sorters, 3-ring binders

  • Maintain

Daily, weekly, monthly…JUST  DO IT