True confession, I’m a hypocrite. While I’ve been out there preaching the gospel of simple systems and organized living for the last (almost) six years, I’ve been using some overly complicated systems in my own business that were driving me bonkers. Due to a lack of knowledge, a smidge of procrastination, and just plain ol’ fear of the unknown, I kept using those systems month after month, year after year, and feeling like a big old liar the entire time. But no more!

If you were a regular subscriber to Neat Freak News (my monthly, or quarterly or whenever-I-got-around-to-it newsletter), you were reading my organizational musings via email and you can continue to do so. What’s happening behind the scenes is the only thing that is changing. I just need to ask that you visit my website and enter your email address in the upper right corner so all of my wonky, inefficient fiddling around to get it to you no longer has to happen. If you use an RSS feeder, the Neat Freak News Feed is here.  I promise not to clog up your inbox with clutter! And if you were looking for the perfect opportunity to unsubscribe but didn’t want to hurt my feelings, I just made your day.

Creating simple systems is part of what makes organization really work. Sometimes, you have to take one step back to take two step forwards. But in the end, you’re still one step ahead of where you started. What systems in your life could use a little simplifying? I don’t recommend waiting around six years to make a change.