‘Tis the season for my annual PSA about gift certificates. Yes, I sell them. And yes, I do believe that the gift of organization is a gift that keeps on giving. Helping a loved one achieve a goal of a simpler, more sustainable and more organized life is indeed a wonderful way to spread some holiday cheer. And honestly, don’t we all have plenty of “stuff” anyway…so a gift that helps people let go, pare down and feel free is certainly a greener alternative in this season of over-consumption. However, and this is a big however(!), please, for the love of all things tidy, make sure the recipient of the gift is as excited to receive it as you are to give it! No one wants an intervention as a present. So, before you buy, make sure your gift will be something that makes the recipient say “WOW, you really get me!”

Happy holidays, and keep neat!