I’m on day 3 of a “cleanse” (all vegan, gluten-free…ala Kris Carr, crazysexydiet) right now. It’s altogether possible that I may have to stop writing and go commit a murder or something, but I’ll be right back. Is it common to get the DT’s from triple-cream cheese withdrawal…I think so! But I digress. I kind of love a personal challenge. It’s a short term way of forcing change on yourself in an extreme way, but you know from the get go that it’s not forever. It’s just 21 days. I keep saying, “I can do anything for 21 days.” 3 weeks. No biggy!

So I started wondering (through my bacon-withdrawal foggy brain), what would a 21 day clutter cleanse look like? And decided I should create one and share it to see if anyone takes me up on it. So here goes…remember, it’s only 21 days. You can do ANYTHING for 21 days. And you never know what good habits might stick and last a lifetime.

Day 1: Make your bed. I know, I sound like your mother! But in my opinion this is the easiest way to take a room from messy to neat(er) in no-time. So go ahead, go for the hospital corners. Fluff the pillows. Stand back and admire.

I’ll be posting these here one day at a time. If you’re the kind of person who always skips to the end of a book and reads the last few pages, and you just can’t wait, email me @ perri at neat-freak dot com and I’ll send you the entire 21 days at one time. Would love to hear how you’re doing if you decide to take the plunge!