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What's on your nightstand?

For the Love of Organizing

Tweet February is a short, cold and snuggly month. We celebrate Valentines on the 14th but really, shouldn’t we celebrate our love every day? And what better place to start that celebration than in the bedroom? Keeping that room organized and tidy is just one more way to encourage relaxation and romance…here’s how (cue Barry […]

Child's letters

The ABCs of Organization

Tweet You can’t pick up a magazine or newspaper in January without seeing some article about getting organized…doing it In 10 Simple Steps or In 30 Days or In Just 10 Minutes a Day! Organization, like any other goal, might be popular to strive for in a new year, but truthfully, it takes a lifetime to […]

People at a bonfire

Out with the sad, in with the glad!

Tweet As we barrel along towards the end of 2014, overeating, overshopping, overdrinking and overdoing, I think it’s helpful to pause and think for a moment about what we can have less of in our lives. The things that surround us often serve a purpose. But some items also evoke emotions, and not all of […]