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The ABCs of Organization

You can’t pick up a magazine or newspaper in January without seeing some article about getting organized…doing it In 10 Simple Steps or In 30 Days or In Just 10 Minutes a Day! Organization, like any other goal, might be popular to strive for in a new year, but truthfully, it takes a lifetime to keep […]

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Out with the sad, in with the glad!

As we barrel along towards the end of 2014, overeating, overshopping, overdrinking and overdoing, I think it’s helpful to pause and think for a moment about what we can have less of in our lives. The things that surround us often serve a purpose. But some items also evoke emotions, and not all of those […]

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Organized Enough

A journalist recently contacted me about a piece she’s working on related to clutter phobia. I must admit I’m not familiar with this phrase, but I have run into my share of perfectionists, extreme minimalists, or just those people who are making themselves crazy trying to be organized. While clutter can cause it’s share of […]